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發表: 2021-09-12, 最後回應: 2021-09-12
Is there going to be an English version of this manual?
The announcement email from 臺北醫學大學教務學務系統平台(請勿直接回信) <tmuacer@gmail.com> came 3 days ago, titled "All courses move to distance learning starting from Sep. 20th to Oct 3rd", was thoughtful enough to have an English version of the announcement.
But the most crucial information for foreign students to learn how to navigate through distance learning - "System Operation Manual" directs me to this website and all information seemed to be only available in Chinese. 
Will there be an English version for all this soon? or is it already available somewhere? The "switch to English" button on the top menu of this site just sends me to the company's homepage(http://www.formosasoft.com/), which is really no help at all. Please help.
-A confused foreign student 
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We will translate these documents to English.